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Product overview


 4100 Series

 5100 Series

 5200 Series

 5300 Series

Rebound adjustable ('Singles') without reservoir. X X
Rebound and Compression adjustable ('Doubles') with reservoir. X X X
Rebound, Low and High speed compression adjustable ('Triples') with a remote reservoir. X X X
Adjustable in height.
Including springs.
Including top mounts. X X
Monotube Design - Gives the biggest piston size available.
New low friction seal.
Rubber brushings for "eye" shock mounts. X X X
Shaft struts Φ 22 mm, non-inverted. X X X
Shaft struts Φ 44.5 mm, inverted. X
Optional Spherical lower "eye" shock mounts. X X X
Spherical lower "eye" shock mounts. X X
Optional Spherical upper shock mount assemblies. X X X
Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
Fully upgradeable to 5300 Spec. X X
Remote reservoirs allow additional travel and heat dissipation. X X
Optional DLC coated shafts. X X X
Optional DLC coated Φ 44.5 mm inverted shafts. X
Reservoir with hose or piggyback (Piggyback examples '08 STI & BMW E36 rears. X X
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For a complete product overview please read this document:

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